Swizz Beatz Continues His Hustle Becoming Co-Owner Of Monster

Going by his nickname “The Monster” over the years Swizz Beatz become an official co-owner of the headphones company “Monster”. As co-owner Swizz Beatz will serve on the executive board working with Monster founder Noel Lee, who has created Dr.Dre’s signature line Beats By Dre, as the company looks to enhance and move into a new direction.  The pairing seems only natural with the many years of success Swizz Beatz has had producing numerous of hit records with his own distinct sound who had this to say about his latest endeavour.

“Monster has always been a go-to name for music electronics as well as a big part of music culture. Under the leadership of Noel Lee, who is a true genius, the company has literally been changing the way people listen to music for over 30 years. They built an empire, and my job will be to push the envelope – turn the lights of the castle up really bright and help Monster take its next big step forward. There will be some very exciting things happening in the year ahead, so stay tuned!”

Want to read more on this latest story? Well you can head over to Yahoo for full details on Swizz’s latest venture


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