Apple Solves iPhone 5 Supply Issues

Since the initial release of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5, one of the major issues that the company had faced what the short supply of products in stores for customers to purchase. This caused major disgruntle amongst many who waited in long lines to only be informed that many  local retailers were in short supply due to the manufacturing issues. For more coverage on the story continue after the jump.

The cause for product shortages was that this was one of Apple’s most difficult devices to make has it make some noticeable additions from its previous editions.The core materials used include aluminum for the back and side shell and an anodized effect for the paint and coloration. With the first shipments going out on September 21st, within 3 days 5 million devices had been purchased, after a month customers who wanted to order the product via Apple were told that the wait would still be around a 4 week period.. Now with the necessary tweaks here and there retailers have shown drastic improvements with product availability and with the continued path Apple hopes to have enough product available for customers to purchase same day in Apples store’s everywhere by Christmas.


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